Hoop Circle

Saturday I 10 AM – 5 PM I Basketball Court

The lovely Laura Scarborough will be hosting a hula hoop class at 11 AM on Saturday! In this hula-hoop-dance crash course you will learn tricks and skills to move that hoop around different parts of the body. Hoops will be provided!

Topics & Terms to be covered: Waist Hooping, Turning, Spin and Anti-Spin, Shimmy, Hand Hooping, Prayer, Pyramid, Wild West, The Slinky, Passing, Revolving Door, and more!
These moves will be sequenced together and you will feel like a hoop pro in no time!

Laura Scarborough has been in the hoop since 2004, and promotes hooping as a tool for weight loss, body strengthening, self massage, and movement mediation. Hooping embraces the spirit of play and allows you to grow younger!