Chula League

Chula League is a nonprofit 501[c]3 organization which has produced the Cherrywood Art Fair since 2005. Chula League is managed by a board of directors.

Chula League works to ensure that the arts and public outdoor spaces play a valued role in the educational, economic and cultural well being of East Austin neighborhoods.

The purpose of Chula League is:

  • To support arts and arts education.
  • To advocate for our children’s future through positive, productive, and meaningful mentoring relationships.
  • To undertake and promote charitable events related to the appreciation of the arts and aesthetic landscapes.
  • To enhance or preserve the beauty of public outdoor spaces through art, design and creative activity
  • To encourage the enrichment of private landscapes and surroundings through art, design and creative activity.
  • To seek grant funding and sponsorship donations for art education and public outdoor space improvements.
  • To revitalize East Austin and attract visitors to our city for increasing economic impact.

Chula League funds a variety of projects to achieve its mission and purpose. More information about Chula League can be seen on our website.

Chula League Board of Directors

Chair Renée Rice |
Vice Chair Patricia Shampton |
Secretary Brandy Davis |
Treasurer Sherri Whitmarsh |
At-Large Sarah Doering
At-Large Josh DuBose
At-Large Meredith Frank
At-Large Carmen James
At-Large Brian David Johnson
At-Large Jane Finkbeiner Reinig
At-Large Sharon Yarbrough


Chula League Advisory Board

Holly Herrick, Austin Film Society
Maddie Kadas, Beveridge & Diamond PC
Rick McNulty, KUTX & KOOP
Sarah K. Wolf, The Austin Chronicle