What is the correct size for application photos?

Images submitted by artists for jury review should be selected by the artist to best represent his or her work, taking into consideration that the images are viewed on the Internet. Close-up individual product shots are preferable to booth shots. To ensure image quality for online jury review, images should be under 1 MB with a minimum resolution of 133 ppi (optimal size: 1080 x 1080 pixels or 1200 x 800 pixels saved as a maximum quality jpeg). Featured images will be seen in a square format as a thumbnail but will also appear uncropped on the individual artist page.

Click here for a blog article from Etsy with good tips for photographing products.

How many people come to the fair on average each year and what are the audience demographics?

Cherrywood Art Fair attracts roughly 4,500 shoppers per day or over 9,000 total throughout the weekend. The audience demographics are:


60% women, 40% men

College grads, family-centric, community-minded, discerning “shop local” advocates seeking unique handmade goods, creative class, indie-tech, crafty mamas, and sling-wearing daddies with kids in tow.

I am willing to travel to be a part of a show but would like to talk to other vendors from previous shows to see if it’s worth it. How can I get in touch with them?

You can review vendors from last year’s show here. You can contact them through their websites. Sorry, but we really can’t give out lists of email addresses for privacy reasons.

What are the types of art you can enter?

3D ART (sculpture, wood, metal, etc.)
BEAUTY & SPA (soaps, skincare, candles, hair accessories, etc.)
FINE ART (drawings & paintings in pencil, pastels, oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc.)
HOME GOODS (décor, frames, glasses, kitchen items, phone cases, planters)
KIDS & PETS (kid-centric goods / pet toys & accessories)
PHOTOGRAPHY (color, black & white, digital collage, etc.)
PRINTS & PAPER GOODS (card sets, journals, prints, comic books, posters)
TEXTILES & APPAREL (clothing, hats, bags, purses, belts, scarves, tapestries)

Do you really need to see photos of my work?

Absolutely! Your application will not be considered without three current photos of your work. This is a juried show, and your photos are what the jury looks at to make the booth award decision.

I don’t think three photos is enough to show my work. Can I send more?

No thanks! Three photos are plenty. Only the first three will be used in the jury process!

Will you look at my website to make a decision?

No, we only look at the photos you provide in your application. We want the jury process to be an even field, and some people have dynamite websites because their brother-in-law is a web developer. Come on, man!

I’ve been an artist with Cherrywood Art Fair before. I can just send you the same photos I did last time, right?

Technically, yes…BUT, we will assume your body of work has not developed since last year. This could work against you. We advise you to take the time to show us what you have been up to since last year!

Can I apply to share a booth with a friend?

Sure, but you each need to fill out the application separately, and you will be juried separately. If both of you are accepted, we’ll make split booth payment arrangements with you. If one of you gets in, but the other doesn’t, we will offer you a space of your own, or try and match you up with another shared booth partner. Also, booth shares can only be 10 x 10 spaces. There is a place in the application to tell us about your booth sharing preferences. We’ll do our best to accommodate, and we know you’ll do your best to accept jury decisions with grace.

I’ve been an artist with Cherrywood Art Fair before. Do I still need to fill out the application?

Of course! We love all our past artists, but each show is brand new, and creating a successful balance of media types can’t be accomplished without all new apps every time. Being a past artist does not guarantee a place in the current show.

Is there a quick checklist for what I need to do to apply as a vendor for Cherrywood Art Fair?


1) Read our Terms and Conditions here.
2) Fill out the online application, upload your three excellent photos, and pay your non-refundable application fee here.

Oh, don’t forget, you need to do these things by SEPTEMBER 1st at 11:59pm! Don’t be like Cinderella, running to catch the coach while it is turning into a pumpkin! Fairy Godmother won’t bail you out!

What do you mean when you say Cherrywood Art Fair is a juried show? How do you pick who gets in?

Part of what makes Cherrywood Art Fair a successful show is the careful selection of artists we think will create the best balanced and quality show. We also consider the variety of the show overall, making sure that we don’t have too many similar items or vendors. Take a look at our past artist photos to get a sense of Cherrywood Art Fair’s content.

By juried, we mean that a small group (usually three) of people who are respected in the arts community look at anonymous photos of your work, compare them with everyone else in your media category, and give you a grade. Those grades, along with criteria for media balance, and a certain percentage of new artists each year, determine the final selection.

I’ve been an artist with Cherrywood Art Fair before so I have a better chance of getting accepted, right?

Nope. That’s not how it works. We always clear the slate and start off clean so we can keep Cherrywood Art Fair fresh and new! You’ll thank us for it later!

How will I know if I get in or not?

Unfortunately, we just can’t fit everyone in, even though we wish we could. Because we receive so many applications, it’s no longer possible to keep you updated on your status. After the jury process is over, on September 15th we’ll send you an email with the results. In that email, we’ll tell you what size booth you were given if accepted, and whether it is indoors or outdoors. You have eight days to decide if you will take the booth assignment. If you aren’t happy with the booth size, and don’t want to accept it, we’ll move on to our waiting list. If you aren’t accepted, you’ll get an email with our regrets. We’ll also ask you if you want to be on the waiting list if some artists don’t take their booth.

If you’re not accepted, it’s because we couldn’t make your work fit in our show scheme and likely has no bearing on the quality of your work. Remember, we just can’t fit all the talented applicants we receive in the show. We encourage you to try again for the next one.

If I don’t get in, will you tell me why?

We can’t give specific feedback to each person. When time permits, we will respond to respectful inquiries from applicants with details as best we can. We try not to respond to flaming diatribes.

What are the fees and costs involved in the show?

Available booth sizes and pricing:

10×10 indoor – $275
10×10 outdoor – $250
4×12 indoor – $225
8×6 indoor – $225

There is a non-refundable application fee for every artist, even if you hope to share a booth. Application fees: $25 July 1 – August 15th, 2017 at 11:59pm or $40 from August 16 – September 1, 2017 at 11:59pm.
We also require each artist to make a donation of an item or items of your original work valued at $50 to our Silent Auction. You may opt to donate $50 to Chula League instead of an auction item.

Artists must provide their complete setup (tables, displays, tents and weights – if outside, etc).

What is your refund policy?

Your original application fee is non-refundable.

If you were accepted to the Fair, and paid your booth fee, then have to cancel for some reason, here is the policy:

Artists who cancel BEFORE NOVEMBER 2nd 2017 receive a refund of the full booth fee minus a $40 administrative fee.

Artists who cancel ON OR AFTER NOVEMBER 2nd but BEFORE NOVEMBER 16th receive a refund of half of the booth fee.

Artist who cancel ON OR AFTER NOVEMBER 16th forfeit the booth fee.

What are the requirements for food vendors?

To be a food vendor, you’ll need to have an acceptable Food Service Permit issued by the health department available for inspection on show days. If this is foreign to you, please contact our Food Coordinator at

Please note: While we will not be checking for these permits, there is a 100% chance that health inspectors will be at the show to do so; we highly recommend taking care of this early to avoid last-minute scrambling or penalties.

Food vendors must be self-contained, that is, you must furnish your own curbside facility and power supply. If you are interested in applying to be a food vendor, go here.

My brother-in-law has a band. I’ve heard you have great music. How does he get in?

How good is your brother-in-law’s band? Seriously, we have a Music Booker who works all this out. We have room for six performers on each day of the show. Your brother-in-law can get more information and go here to apply, or he can contact our Music Booker at By the way, we have a sound engineer who can help with the technical stuff.

Can I (or my friends and family) volunteer at Cherrywood Art Fair?

Absolutely!! Cherrywood Art Fair loves its volunteers, and most of us are volunteers, too, who are passionate about Chula League, it’s programming, and the Fair! You will be treated with kindness, breakfast tacos, homemade soup, and an unbelievable good time!! Drop an email to to get on our volunteer list. Or visit here for more information about volunteering.

How do I become a sponsor of Cherrywood Art Fair?

Please send an email to to get the details. We would LOVE to feature you or your business in front of a large and growing community of artists and crafters, and their fans. We have sponsorship options from small to large for any type of business.

I want to send you money but I forget how. What is your PayPal address?

If you got lost in the artist application process, and never paid, or aren’t sure you paid, go here to pay through September 1, 2017. If you were accepted into the Fair and need your booth payment link, contact us at We’ll help you get it straightened out.

I want to apply! What do I do next?

Artist applications open each summer. Once the date rolls around, the application will be up on our website. You can also check out the website, like or follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and sign up for our mailing list so you’re always up to date!

I’ve read this whole FAQ, but my question isn’t here. What should I do?

We are here for you! Email us at and we’ll get back to you, pronto!