Apply to the 2017 Cherrywood Art Fair

Thank you for your interest but the 2017 artist application period closed September 1st. Confirmed 2017 Cherrywood Art Fair Artists will be announced September 28th. Check back next summer when 2018 applications will open. In the meantime, please enjoy this year’s fair on December 9th & 10th! This is a great way to see the Cherrywood Art Fair in action and become familiar with the Little Artist, BIG ARTIST program.

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Since 2002, Chula League’s Cherrywood Art Fair has been a beloved holiday shopping event in the Austin community. Cherrywood Art Fair attracts over 4,500 people a day to a showcase of Texas artists, and some of Austin’s best music and food truck cuisine—all in a family friendly environment. Application and booth fees from Cherrywood Art Fair fund Chula League’s arts-mentorship program, Little Artist BIG ARTIST for East Austin elementary kids. Watch the video above to learn more and get a preview of both programs in action.

This year marks our 16th annual event, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re looking for Texas artists and makers bringing something fresh to the art and handmade scene, trendsetters, all with high quality work in their medium. Artists are rated by a respected three-person jury panel, and curated by our Artist Coordinator, to ensure we have a well rounded selection and at least 20% of the artists are new to the show.


December 9 & 10, 2017 10am – 5pm
Maplewood Elementary | 3808 Maplewood Ave.

See sidebar on the right for booth sizes and prices.


Exposure to over 4,500 shoppers a day

Images and link to your shop on our website

Inclusion in our fair program (2,500 printed)

Courtesy booth sitters to give you a break

Enjoy free coffee, water, and snacks from our mobile coffee cart service

Access to our Artists’ Lounge stocked with food, beverages, and private bathrooms

Participation in an exclusive art fair for a fraction of the going booth fee of similar events

CAF Vols

Laura Fisk at Cherrywood Art FairPAST ARTIST TESTIMONIALS

“Great atmosphere, the best volunteers, well-done promotions, terrific booth neighbors, and super customers. What’s not to love?”

“I made a ton of money, I had a lot of fun, and the proceeds from the auction went to a cause I feel good about.”

“This is a wonderful show and my favorite of the year.”

“This is one of the more organized, well planned fairs in the area, and I am very grateful to all the people that make it happen.”

Notes on the jury process and things to consider before applying

Jurors only see the three images you submit, image titles/captions and your application category.

Jurors do not have access to your business name or website.

You can only select one category, unless you apply twice.

If you sell items that fall into multiple categories, showcase what you sell most. For example, if you sell tee shirts, but have small gift tags available as an add-on, you don’t need to submit a photo of the gift tags.

If you are submitting lifestyle photos, make sure it is clear what your product is in the photo.

NEW FOR 2017! We are now asking for booth photos in our application process. They are not required, and not seen by the jury.

Selected artists must contribute an item with a retail value of $50 to the Cherrywood Art Fair Silent Auction. The auction is one of the fair highlights giving shoppers an overview of what they can expect to find at artists’ booths. You can opt to just donate $50 to Chula League, if you prefer. We will ask you what your donation item will be in the booth payment form.

Booth shares can only be 10 x 10 spaces. To share a booth, you each need to fill out the application separately, and you will be juried separately. If both of you are accepted, we’ll make split booth payment arrangements with you. If one of you gets in, but the other doesn’t, we will offer you a space of your own, or try and match you up with another shared booth partner. There is a place in the application to tell us about your booth sharing preferences. We’ll do our best to accommodate, and we know you’ll do your best to accept jury decisions with grace.