We get a lot of questions each year about our signature Cherrywood Art Fair posters. So here you go:

Who designed the posters? The 2017 poster was designed by Pentagram with artwork and hand lettering from Caitlin B Alexander. 2016 featured design and illustrations by Megan Mead and Karissa Cardoza at Texas Born & Wed. The 2015 poster was illustrated by Laura Fisk of Fisk and Fern fame and designed by Jess Warren of Hey Jess Graphic Design. 2014 saw another design from Carla Delgado with artwork and poster silkscreening from Jess Moss at Hotline Ink. The 2013 poster was designed by Carla Delgado using fair photography from Roy Moore. The 2012 poster featured a new logo and design by Southern Combustion Creative with a central image by Melissa Gable. The 2011 poster featured artwork from Melissa Gable and layout design by Ed Arevalo. The 2006 through 2010 posters were designed by Melissa Gable. The 2003 through 2005 posters were designed by Liz Potter. The 2002 poster was designed by Marilyn Fenn
Why do you use a retro theme? We believe the retro theme of the poster is complementary to our venue, a mid-century public school built in 1948. We also believe it captures some of the central principles of the Cherrywood Art Fair— neighborhood involvement, family fun, and good times in the best tradition of Austin. Plus we think they are awesomely beautiful works of art!
Can I buy old posters or a collection of posters? Nope, we don’t sell ‘em. If you are smart, you’ve collected them and framed them like we have. Come to the Chula League table in the cafeteria at the Fair, and see our framed collection. It’s an eyeful!