How will I know if I get in or not?

Unfortunately, we just can’t fit everyone in, even though we wish we could. Because we receive so many applications, it’s no longer possible to keep you updated on your status. After the jury process is over, on September 15th we’ll send you an email with the results. In that email, we’ll tell you what size booth you were given if accepted, and whether it is indoors or outdoors. You have eight days to decide if you will take the booth assignment. If you aren’t happy with the booth size, and don’t want to accept it, we’ll move on to our waiting list. If you aren’t accepted, you’ll get an email with our regrets. We’ll also ask you if you want to be on the waiting list if some artists don’t take their booth.

If you’re not accepted, it’s because we couldn’t make your work fit in our show scheme and likely has no bearing on the quality of your work. Remember, we just can’t fit all the talented applicants we receive in the show. We encourage you to try again for the next one.

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