Is there parking?

Pedicabs, Valet Service and Capital Metro – oh my!
Planning on parking a block or two over? Walking to the fair? No problem, our FREE pedicabs can take you, your family and handmade gifts back to your home or car! Driving in? We’ll have $5.00 valet service both days! Love your bike? Ride it over – there are more bike racks this year! Taking the train or bus? Show us your ticket and get a free hot chocolate from the fine folks at Fiesta.

Additionally, here are our top five Parking Tips to make Cherrywood Art Fair your favorite way to shop local and support your artists!

*Get to the Fair Early*
Early bird gets the worm. Put your winter coat over your pajamas (you’ll look uber hip and relaxed) and cruise on over to the fair. You can get a great cup of coffee, breakfast for your family and a KILLER parking space.

Friends don’t let Friends Shop Alone! Call your favorite weekend shopping buddies and carpool over to Cherrywood Art Fair.

*Bike over to Cherrywood*
We have plenty of bike racks. So throw an empty backpack on and bike to the fair. You’ll be sure to stuff your napsack with lots of gifts and burn some holiday calories along the way.

*Take the City Bus*
If you didn’t know it already, kids love to ride the city bus! Catch the city bus down to the fair and enjoy snuggling up with your loved ones and enjoy the site-seeing on the way to the fair. There’s a bus stop right next to the Fair! Using Capital Metro’s trip planner makes it super easy.

*Be Prepared to Walk*
We’re not gonna lie Folks, Cherrywood Art Fair is in the heart of the Cherrywood Neighborhood, not a strip mall. Make sure to don your sporty shoes and enjoy the neighborhood’s creative landscaping as you walk to the fair.

Note: Disabled Parking is located on Maplewood Avenue near the parking lot entrance. Directional signs will be posted.